About Bryton Australia

Bryton Inc was founded by elite consumer electronics product development and marketing professionals. Combining strong R&D and innovative product management teams, reinforced by a team of sales/marketing specialists with branding experiences across 5 continents, Bryton solidifies its capability in the consumer market and builds a foundation for success.

With HQ in Taipei and business partners around the world, Bryton has a family of experts working for you.

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Delivered by BikeChain

Bryton products sold via our website are delivered by BikeChain Group Pty Ltd, part of the BikeSportz Imports Pty Ltd family (official Australian Bryton distributor). BikeChain is a marketplace delivering premium cycling apparel, parts, accessories and nutrition.

BikeChain’s mission is to support the growth and success of all cyclists, and the broader cycling community. Through Bryton Australia and BikeChain, you can receive all the benefits and convenience of shopping online, with your purchase supporting a local Australian retailer and contributing to the prosperity of our retailer community.

Bryton currently carries a complete line of GPS cycling computers
and plans to fulfill consumer needs in 4 main sports activities:

The target of our product development is to redefine sports electronics with GPS applications, improve usability and define rich new features to keep users interested and motivated.

Bryton brings the love of sports, fun and friends into normal everyday fitness/exercise activities.