Rider 320

GPS Cycling Computer
Bryton Rider 320E

Bryton Rider 320E



Simple but Powerful

Utilizing an advanced high-quality, optically bonded display, the Rider 320 is specially designed to provide a clear and versatile viewing experience Enhancing convenience and compatibility, the Rider 320 provides support for both ANT+ and BLE sensors. Equipped with complete Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) support, the Rider 320 provides more extensive coverage and versatility in any type of terrain, even in dense tree/building cover or in the mountains, as well as in more regions by incorporating the top 5 Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

Crystal Clear Display

Designed to create the best viewing experience, the Rider 320 is built with crisp black and white 2.3” large screen. The high quality optically bonded display provides crystal-clear reading from any angle and environment without interference. By simply looking at the cycling page, which can fit up to 8 data per page, it is possible to fully understand your real-time performance.

2.3 Inch


Mono LCD Page Display

ANT+/ BLE Sensors Support

Aiming for the most convenience, both ANT+ and BLE sensors both work perfectly with the Rider 320 after simple pairing.

Absolute Precision

The Rider 320 GPS cycling computer incorporates 5 different satellite systems: GPS, Glonass(Russia), BDS(China), Galileo(Europe)and QZSS(Japan), providing a faster start-up and a much more reliable satellite coverage in any situation, especially when covered by buildings/trees, or even riding in the mountains.

Supports Up to 72+ Functions

Rider 320 provides rich data for accurately gauging the performance of each ride. It incorporates up to 72+ functions including Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Cadence, Altitude, Power and HR.

35 Hours of Battery Life

The Rider 320 is equipped with a powerful battery, ready to challenge any long-distance ride! It provides up to 35 hours of battery life and can be charged via power bank while recording.

35 Battery Life

Battery Life

BikeChain-Bryton BikeChain-Bryton
BikeChain-Bryton BikeChain-Bryton

Customizable Data Display via App

Tailor the data display with the Bryton Active App! After pairing with Bryton Active App, data fields/pages can be customized based on training goals via BLE on your phone, and it's super easy to use!

Enjoy seamless over-the-air synchronization with all new Bryton Active App. Workout data can be automatically synced via BT from the device to the Bryton Active App, where progress and graphical analysis can be viewed, and rides can be shared to social media. It allows users to sync and plan workouts, downloads planned trips, modify device and grid settings, and calibrate altitude all without WLAN connection. The app will also check the firmware version and GNSS data of the device and notify users that updates are available, ensuring that the most up-to-date firmware is always installed. With simple setup, Bryton Active App’s STRAVA, TrainingPeaks and Selfloops Auto Sync also make it easier to share activities and compare with millions.

STRAVA, TrainingPeaks, Selfloops and Relive Auto Sync

Compete with worldwide riders through Rider 15 neo recorded data. Workout files are automatically saved in FIT format, which can then be uploaded to popular training sites (so no software is needed to convert files). It is also super easy to sync activities from the Bryton Active App to Strava/TrainingPeaks/Selfloops by pairing accounts. What's even better is the Rider 15 neo supports professional training applications, such as GoldenCheetah, for detailed post-workout analysis.

Product Spec

Size & Weight

49.9mm Width

83.9mm Height

22mm Depth

67g Weight


Battery Hour

Display Size

Bluetooth 4.0

2.4GHz ANT+ / BLE Sensors



Physical Dimension

49.9 x 83.9 x 16.9 mm

Display Resolution

128 x 160 pixels

Operating Temp.


Log History

300 Hours

Satellite Supported

GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou, QZSS


67 g

Display Size

2.3 inchs

Waterproof Rating


Lap History

130 Laps

Battery Life

Up to 35 hours

Display Type

Mono LCD



Barometric Altimeter




Mount Compatibility

Proprietary Bryton Mounting System (3rd party mounts not covered by warranty)




Bluetooth Sensors

HRM, Speed, Cadence

ANT+ Sensors

HR, Cadence, Speed, Power

Electronic Shifting System Compatibility


Bryton Active App Compatibility

BLE (iOS & Android)

Auto Sync to 3rd Party Platform

Strava, TrainingPeaks, Selfloops, Relive

Update Software

Bryton Update tool

Golden Cheetach Compatible


Cycling Features

Adjustable Backlight


Time/Distance Alerts


Max Data Grid/Page

8 / 7

Smart Notifications

Yes (Incoming & Missed Call/Text/Email)

Automatic Activities Upload


Auto Pause/Lap/Scroll




Bike Profile

Up to 2

1s Recording


On Device Route Download


Advanced Workout


Customisable Data Grid

On Device/Bryton Active App

On Device Summary


Power Saving Satellite Mode


On-Device Route Planning



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  • What's in the box

    • Rider 320 Main Unit

    • USB Cable

    • Bike Mount

    • Quick Start Guide