Bryton Sport | All New Bryton Active

Spend more time riding and less time worrying! The all new and easy-to-use Bryton Active app allows you to track/plan workouts, customize your device, plan trips, sync to popular 3rd party platforms, and much more!

Bryton Sport | Getting started with the brand new Bryton Active app

The all-new Bryton Active is an easy-to-use mobile application based workout tool for cyclists using Bryton cycle computers to track/plan workouts, customize devices, plan trips, sync to popular 3rd party platforms, and much more! Spend more time riding and less time worrying!

Bryton Sport | 3rd Party Routes Support - Auto Sync from Strava/Komoot/RideWithGPS

In addition to planning routes via the Bryon Active App, the new update of Bryton Active now supports the routes planned from STRAVA/Komoot/Ride with GPS(coming soon). With simple setup on your Bryton Active, the routes planned on Strava/Komoot/Ride with GPS will be automatically synchronized to your Bryton Active. Watch the tutorial to learn how easy it is!

Bryton Sport | Getting Started with Rider 420

With the new Bryton Active app, setting up your device has never been easier. Simply sign up and log into the Bryton Active account and control your device settings and configuration, create Follow Track routes, upload FIT or GPX routes, share your rides with third-party applications (such as Strava), and much more!

Bryton Sport | Rider 15 - Heading Modes Setting

While riding with Rider 15, you can decide which heading mode you prefer. 2 Heading modes are available, the Compass Mode for pointing to the North and the Map Mode for pointing to a current direction.

Bryton Sport | Rider 420 - Customize POI / Peak

This video will guide you through the steps of modifying your routes to contain POI / Peak information. Be sure to have a route already created or imported in the Bryton Active app. Afterwards, click on the route in "My Routes" and use the POI sidebar to add your own markers to your route. Then modify your data grid to show detailed POI / Peak / Distance information right on your device.

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