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Bade S.

Far North Queensland, QLD

Fantastic value for money!

I have tried many brands of bike computers and was really surprised that a product at this price point delivered so much! It is very easy to use and comes with most features only included on much more expensive units. The screen is very clear and the app makes making any changes simple and easy. It is light and the battery life is awesome. If it included maps it would be the perfect unit! Well done Bryton.

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Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Best value GPS Computer

The Bryton Rider 420's screen is very clear to read in all conditions. Battery life lasts really well and is the best I have seen, much better than my old Garmin 130 which I had to charge every 3rd ride. Screen is totally customisation via the app and is very easy to set up/change. Does everything I need and costs half the price of other brands.

Purchased in June 2020 at Cecil walker cycles for $320.00.

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Tim Persy


Great Unit

It took a little while to readjust from using Garmin but was sick of having issues with other units, but this has turned out to be a great computer. The screen is super easy and clear, the app works well and the best thing for me has been battery life. Now i've tried Bryton, I wouldn't go back to the "bigger brands"

Purchased in September 2019 for $279.00.

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Perth, WA

Perfect bike computer!

Love the Rider 420, the screen has all the information I need plus more. Love that I can change around what I want to be displayed and how easy it is to use.

Purchased in March 2020.

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South East Queensland, QLD

The best value bike computer that DOES IT ALL!

The Bryton Rider 420 is great value. Highly accurate data and a user-friendly software interface without the overly steep price tag. After months of use, my Bryton Rider 420 continuous to do it's job perfectly showing strong signs of durability - Highly recommend for anyone in the market for a quality cycling computer!

Purchased in March 2020.

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Kahill T


Great Product.

I have been using the Bryton Rider 420 for a few months now and from set up, to on the bike data and reviewing the ride after a long day in the saddle, this computer combined with the Bryton App has never let me down – Really impressed! The display is super clear and being able to quickly change the data on screen via the phone app is much easier than having to cycle through endless menus on my old Garmin. Battery life is at least twice as good as my Garmin and for half the price, I really don’t know what else could come close – well done Bryton!

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The best computer for cycling

So accurate, amazing Display, intuitive buttons, The best battery life. I just couldn’t do without my Brighton for 20 on those long hard training rides all those race winning moves it never lets me down.

Purchased in January 2019 at Pushys Online Store for $399.00.

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Northern Region, NSW

Excellent product.

Doesn't miss a beat. Best product on the market. Value for money is unparalleled. Never had any issues with it, would never try another product after using Bryton. 10 out of 10.

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Sydney, NSW

All the bells and whistles without the hefty price tag

35 hours of battery off one charge, has all the features of more expensive devices and integrates with modern smart phones. Why waste money on more expensive devices when the rider 420 does it all. A cycling essential

Purchased in January 2020 at Bridgelane for $200.00.

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Absolute bang for your buck!

I’ve used plenty of bike computers and the Bryton by far has been the easiest to use! Heaps of features, easy setup and on the go adjustments are easy! I’ve loved using it on and off the road, without any fault! Easily the best product in the market for its price point!

Purchased in March 2020.

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Ben Hill

Great head unit.

• reliable, never had any issues • outstanding battery life, lasts for days • accurate GPS with a fast connection • Small and lightweight • great easy to use app, makes configuring page display simple

Purchased in January 2020.

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Sam Jenner

Two weeks training on one charge!

2 weeks training on one charge. Kept forgetting to charge during the first week and thought let's see how far we can stretch this. Got two 20hrs training weeks in.

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