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During indoor training, I have a speed sensor installed on my bike, but I am unable to see the speed value on my Rider computer.

Please check your speed source priority(Settings>Profile>Bike Profile>Bike1 or 2>Speed Source). During an indoor training session, please make speed sensor or SPD/CAD sensor to your first priority(GPS cannot be used in indoor training).

I downloaded a route from third party website, but I didn’t see the track in my Bryton device.

After you download a route from a third party website(.gpx format only), please note that you need to connect your Bryton device to a computer and save the gpx track to the “ExtraFiles” folder.

My Bryton device freezes/is unresponsive, what should I do?

Please reset your device. To reset your device, please refer to QSG. If this doesn’t solve the issue, please contact customer support.

Speed and distance values are not correct.

If you use speed sensor or SPD/CAD combo sensor, please make sure you have entered correct wheel size. Incorrect wheel size causes incorrect speed and distance data.

I saw condensation on the display of my device. Did water get into the device? How do I fix it?

The appearance of fogging or moisture buildup inside of the device screen is a common occurrence caused by condensation and normally does not signify water damage. High humidity or changing temperatures inside and around the device can cause water vapor to gather and condense inside of the cooler inner-screen creating the appearance of fogging. This is common particularly on very warm, humid summer days or very cold, dry winter days where temperatures and moisture levels inside the device differ from the outside environment. If condensation inside the screen should occur, open the rubber cover on the back of the device and allow air to circulate or place the device at room temperature until fogging clears. If fogging persists or if dried water droplet marks or large, running water droplets should appear, please contact local customer support.

How do I check if my device's firmware is the latest version

Bryton firmware is updated periodically to improve performance or to add new functions and features. You can check if your device's firmware version is up to date by connecting the device to a PC and using the Bryton update tool or over WiFi via the Data Sync function on capable devices.

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I cannot set time on my device.

Please go outside to an area where you can clearly see the sky, and let your Bryton device receive GPS information, and once it successfully acquires GPS information, it will set the time by itself automatically.

My Window 7 computer does not recognize my Bryton device.

Please try the following solutions: 1.A known Windows 7 USB error: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2654149/error-usb-device-not-recognized-when-you-try-to-access-a-usb-external-hard-drive. 2.Use Bryton’s USB cable 3.Connect it to another USB port 4.Connect it to other computers 5.if non of the above suggests work for you, please update your computer to Window 10

I paired HR Monitor/Power Meter/Di2 sensor with my device but HR/power/Di2 data is not shown on the data pages.

At default, your Bryton computer automatically displays data and make adjustment when new sensors are paired. However, if your data page setting is in manual mode, please select HR/power/Di2 grid in settings>Exercises>Data Page for desired display.

My Bryton computer does not detect sensors.

This happens when your sensors run out of battery. If you are replacing batteries, please make sure you have the correct battery model(CR2032) as well as installing them in right polarity. If you just start using a new sensor, please check if the battery tab is removed before use.

Why doesn’t my Bryton computer pair with Shimano Di2?

In addition to Shimano Di2, you need to purchase a D-fly module for ant+ transmission.

I don't have any GPS signal on my Bryton computer.

To pinpoint your location, you need to get signals from at least 4 satellites. If you receive signals less than 4 satellites or the signals are not strong enough, the GPS icon will stay grey. Please try the following suggestions: Finding a GPS signal In the following cases, it may take up to 5 minutes to find your current position: - You use your Bryton device for the first time. - You haven't used your Bryton device for a long time. -Your Bryton device has been relocated without using it (e.g. after traveling by plane or train). If it takes longer than 5 minutes, make sure that you are in an open area without tall buildings or trees around you.

Ant+ compatibility with other brands?

Bryton computers are compatible with ANT+ sensors(Rider one and 10 are compatible with BLE sensors). We have done testing with all of our Bryton products and some products of other brands providing ANT+/BLE sensors(not all). To ensure the best compatibility, we would suggest you to use Bryton’s own accessories. In general, Bryton computers can communicate with ANT+ (BLE with Rider one and 10)sensors in the market but can’t guarantee it.

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How do I sync my files using Bryton Active App if I’m a user of Rider 60, 50, 40, 35, 30, 21, 20+, 20, Cardio 60, 40, 35 or 30?

For Rider 60, 50, 40, 35, 30, 21, 20+, 20, Cardio 60, 40, 35 and 30 computer users, the following steps are to help you upload activities manually from computer to brytonactive.com 1. Download Bryton Bridge 2 (available for both Windows and Mac OS) 2. Connect your device to computer and open Bryton Bridge 2 3. Export the activities you want to upload into .bdx and save them to your computer 4. Upload the exported .bdx files from your computer to brytonactive.com

Bluetooth upload doesn’t work. I turned bluetooth ON of both my device and my phone, but when Bryton Active App started scanning for available devices, I did not see my Bryton computer.

This is a known Android bluetooth pairing issue, Please turn on location service(GPS) on your phone and make sure the Bluetooth on both bike computer and cell phone are turned on. Please also note that you to do Bluetooth pairing in Bryton Active App instead of the bluetooth settings in your phone.

Data sync via WiFi: One of the tracks fail to be uploaded to server, what can I do?

Please connect your device to a computer, then just drag the file from Bryton folder and upload it manually to Brytonactive.com which is the web version of Bryton Active App.

Why does the same track on Bryton or on STRAVA would have different results in some categories?

STRAVA has its own algorithm to calculate the data, we do not have access/control over.

I did a Data Sync via WiFi, why didn’t I find my riding data in either Bryton app or brytonactive.com?

Please make sure that you have your Bryton computer (UUID) paired with your Bryton account BEFORE performing Data Sync via WiFi. If you still have issue with Data Sync, please check your UUID. Rider 530s with UUID starting with 1602 and Rider 330s with UUID starting with 1603 are China ONLY devices, and they are with limitations due to Chinese local government map server/firewall block issue.

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Is my Bryton computer/watch supported by brytonactive.com?

Yes, ALL Bryton GPS computers/watches are supported by brytonactive.com. If you have a Rider 60, 50, 40, 35, 30, 21, 20+, 20, Cardio 60, 40, 35 or 30, you can export the tracks using Bryton Bridge 2 software to .bdx and upload them manually from computer.

Is my Bryton computer/watch supported by brytonactive.com?

Yes, ALL Bryton GPS computers/watches are supported by brytonactive.com. If you are a user of Rider one, 10, 100, 200, 210, 310, 330, 410, 450, 530, Aero 60, Amis S430 or S630, 2 options are available to you. You can simply upload the .fit files in your Bryton device from computer, or you can take advantage of the Data Sync (via WiFi connection) or BT Sync(via Bluetooth) and sync your tracks to Bryton Active App in your smart phone. Note: If your smart phone is connected to internet, all the tracks you uploaded to Bryton Active App would be synced seamlessly to brytonactive.com .

What type of files are supported by brytonactive.com?

brytonactive.com now supports the following three types of files .fit, .bdx and .gpx

I am a user of Rider 60, 50, 40, 35, 30, 21, 20+, 20, Cardio 60, 40, 35 and 30 computers, and I tried to add my device UUID to Bryton app/Brtyonactive.com but I kept getting “Invalid UUID” error, why?

Adding device UUID to your account is for BT(bluetooth) sync and WiFi Sync devices only including Rider one, 10, 100, 200, 210, 310, 330, 410, 450, 530, Aero 60, Amis S430 or S630.

I tried to pair my Bryton GPS computer/watch to Bryton app, but the App tells me that my device is paired with another account and cannot be paired.

Each Bryton device can only be paired with one Bryton Active App account due to privacy concerns. You may be dealing with one of the following situations. 1. Multiple account issue: your device is paired with a different account that you are using. Signing up using Facebook/STRAVA/email will create multiple accounts for you. Please make sure you store all your information in one. 2. If you purchase a used Bryton device, you device could be paired with previous user’s Bryton account. If you are able to log in to the account that was paired with the device, you can go to settings>user settings>device manager to unpair it, Otherwise, contact us for further support.

Why do I only see options of Driving/Walking route suggestions in Bryton Active App’s Plan Trip, where’s bicycling?

Our map is based on Google map. In some countries, there are no bicycle route available for Google map.

Bryton Active App failed to sync my uploaded tracks to STRAVA/TrainingPeaks

Users must enable STRAVA/TrainingPeaks Auto Sync BEFORE tracks are uploaded to Bryton Active App. To enable STRAVA/TrainingPeaks Auto Sync, please go to settings> STRAVA Auto Sync/TrainingPeaks Auto Sync

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